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Measure software quality with 1 to 5 SIG stars

SIG has designed the SIG 5-star classification system for software quality, based on the ISO/IEC 25010 model.

Want to make your business faster, cheaper and more reliable? 

Everyone wants to offer their customers better service, optimise business processes and reduce costs etc. That’s why the software your company uses also has to perform better – be faster, cheaper and more reliable. It should be easy to maintain and configured so that your organisation can respond rapidly to changes in the market and society.

SIG shows you how

SIG does not develop business software itself but we do know how it can be improved. We can do this for every type of software, for every organisation, in any language. We can identify the opportunities and limitations that your software may have. We examine the risks associated with expansion, development and maintenance. We identify all the costs involved. We test security and privacy. And we provide tangible and independent advice: how can software help your organisation to deliver more?  

SIG SQM Quality stars


SIG Innovation Exchange

30 July 2015

On May 26, the 6th edition of the SIG Innovation Exchange took place. This short video report gives an impression of this interesting afternoon.

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Trending Topics in SIG IT reports

01 June 2015

SIG believes in getting software right. SIG knows what good software is and how it can be improved so that business processes are supported in the best possible way. Here, we present a list of our top 10 publication downloads from Q1.

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Customer cases

Investing with a pre‐purchase survey

Those who invest in new start-up technology companies are taking a chance. There’s a very good reason why venture capital is called ‘dare capital’ in Dutch. However, the sign of a good fund manager is making sure that you’re aware of the risks as far as possible and then carefully weighing up the investment decision. ‘Doing your homework’ as many an investor would put it. This is something SIG offers support in more and more. This happened at the end of 2011 with investment company Chrysalix SET.

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