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Measure software quality with 1 to 5 SIG stars

SIG has designed the SIG 5-star classification system for software quality, based on the ISO/IEC 25010 model.

Want to make your business faster, cheaper and more reliable? 

Everyone wants to offer their customers better service, optimise business processes and reduce costs etc. That’s why the software your company uses also has to perform better – be faster, cheaper and more reliable. It should be easy to maintain and configured so that your organisation can respond rapidly to changes in the market and society.

SIG shows you how

SIG does not develop business software itself but we do know how it can be improved. We can do this for every type of software, for every organisation, in any language. We can identify the opportunities and limitations that your software may have. We examine the risks associated with expansion, development and maintenance. We identify all the costs involved. We test security and privacy. And we provide tangible and independent advice: how can software help your organisation to deliver more?  

SIG SQM Quality stars

Mendix Application Quality Monitor powered by SIG launched today

15 December 2015

Mendix, a leader in digital innovation and application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), and SIG, an independent advisory firm for software quality and improvement, today announced a partnership and the launch of Mendix Application Quality Monitor, a cloud-based service designed to help customers proactively monitor the maintainability of Mendix applications.

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SIG Alumni Event

16 October 2015

Yesterday the first SIG Alumni Event took place and it was a great succes! Lots of former colleagues joined us in celebrating once more 15 years of SIG, and we presented the first (digital) copy of our publication “Building Maintainable Software” to Mrs. Netelenbos, who is chairwoman of the Dutch ECP Platform and one of Europe’s “Digital Champions”.

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DevOps, an enabler for Software Security?

DevOps has become a popular concept. Google Trends confirms that the popularity of the concept DevOps has exploded. It is not only popular, but there is also a demand for DevOps, which is shown by traditional organisations moving towards DevOps for cloud-based software developments.

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Getting Bimodal IT right

Since the 1970s the word ‘Digital’ has referred to the forefront of technology. First, your watch went digital, then, your music and videos, your news and now most of your social life is digital. In business, ‘digital’ now seems to refer to the game of catch-up most traditional organizations are playing to avoid being made obsolete by the Ubers and AirBNBs of this world.

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IT Health Check strengthens Vhi digital roadmap 

Vhi Ireland’s leading private health insurer faced several IT challenges that are common with many companies. Vhi commissioned SIG to carry out an objective assessment of their critical systems. The goal was to (1) determine fit for purpose in relation to future business objectives and (2) determine technical risks.

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Continuous Improvement through Quality Awareness

Everyone wants to stay a step ahead. That’s why we want cutting edge technology and a continuous flow of development and improvement. For a bank, keeping up with this pace means that you have to apply the latest technology and stay innovative. ING Bank gets this, and combines this with high software quality awareness.

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Alphabet International ready for post merger

Limit risk, maximise stability and support growth – this is the mantra that dominates the IT agenda in almost all merger and acquisitions. An important success criterion for leveraging efficiencies of scale is the quick integration of business and supporting IT. Alphabet IT was quick to react to the merger with ING Car Lease in September 2011.

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