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SIG gives technology leaders the visibility they need to address current software problems and prevent future ones from ever happening. Drawing on proprietary methods and decades of expertise, SIG helps organizations fundamentally improve the security and performance of the enterprise applications that support every aspect of their businesses.


SIG operates a unique software evaluation laboratory governed by the Quality Management System as required by the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. The only organisation in the world certified by TÜViT for Trusted Product Maintainability, SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam with regional offices in the Nordics, Belgium, Germany and Greece. SIG serves companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

SIG Management Team

Dr. Erik Oltmans


Before becoming CEO, Erik served as head of consulting, then COO of SIG. Previously, he spent five years as manager and board member at the National Library. He holds a doctorate in computer science and computational linguistics. Erik is driven to ensure “Software Quality” becomes a core tenet for technology leaders around the world.

Prof. dr. ir. Joost Visser


Joost leads R&D, including innovation in tools and services. Additionally, he serves as Professor of Large-Scale Software Systems at Radboud University Nijmegen. Joost is an in-demand speaker in international scientific and academic settings. A champion of technology leaders, Joost leads a team of innovators working on their behalf.

Drs. Jolanda Masen RC


As CFO Jolanda's primair responsibility is a healthy financial growth of SIG. Before joining SIG as CFO Jolanda gained broad financial experience within PwC, DHL, Schiphol Group and as Director Finance & Control within Industry International. With her enthusiastic and energetic approach, she thrives on achieving results together with a team.

Wouter Knigge


Wouter is responsible for the management of our Consultancy services, always challenging the status quo. An engineer by training, consultant by trade, pragmatic by nature, he ensures that Sales and Delivery are both customer-centric and highly efficient.

Hette Mollema


Hette is heading the commercial efforts at SIG. Before joining SIG, Hette worked for several software vendors in various commercial roles. His focus is on optimizing customer's investment - both from a value and customer satisfaction perspective. Above all, he is a people focused person, both within SIG as well as in SIG's eco-system.

SIG Supervisory Board

Robert Pijselman

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Robert Pijselman is the former CEO of BWise, a leading software vendor in risk management and compliance technology. After selling BWise to Nasdaq, together with Luc Brandts, Robert has taken investment and board positions in a number of tech companies, helping them to become a leader in their respective industries.

Luc Brandts

Member of the Supervisory Board

Luc Brandts is the founder and former Chief Technology Officer of BWise, a leading software vendor in risk management and compliance technology. After selling BWise to Nasdaq, together with Robert Pijselman, Luc has taken investment and board positions in a number of tech companies, helping them to become a leader in their respective industries.

Jeroen Nienhaus

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jeroen Nienhaus has over twenty years of experience in finance and private equity. He is one of the founders of Auxilium Capital, a growth-focused investor. Jeroen previously worked for private equity firm Gilde Benelux, his last position being partner. Before Gilde he had been with ABN AMRO Bank for 5 years.

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Providing deep code visibility to the globe’s most progressive technology leaders.

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  • SIG delivered a high-quality report analysis in which you really see that this is their core expertise. Based on facts and their extended knowledge of software quality they provided clear advice for further improvement.
    Hidde Andriessen CIO Office at KPN
  • For our major risks in large scale development with or without partners we turn to SIG to set the benchmark for quality delivery and improvements of the code base. Their professionalism in these matters certifies the long term sustainability of our software assets and as such our investments.
    Carl Tilkin-Franssens CIO at Acerta
  • SIG’s work is crucially important for Waternet as we elevate our online services. This digital era demands new ways of thinking about software in terms of technology, vendors and operational issues, and SIG guides us in all three areas.
    Mario Kortman Director Digital Transformation at Waternet
  • SIG triggered a behavioural change. The assessment did not just measure the quality of the software, but the score itself also served as a motivating catalyst among developers. Now developers actively pursue high quality software and continually improve upon their skills.
    Nico van Didden Project Manager at ProRail
  • The pragmatic nature of the Better Code Hub tool, combined with its goal to guarantee growth-proof quality for the future, seems to make it a great fit with the mindset and ambitions of Exact.
    Erik Ammerlaan Software Engineer at Exact
  • With the help of SIG we brought the software quality to the next level which helps us to deliver our installations faster.
    Yvo Zethof R&D Project Manager at VanRiet
  • In assessing a vendor for a critical software purchase, TÜViT told us that SIG was the only one organization certified to determine if (1) the purchase was a good foundation for future excellence (2) it was worth the investment (3) it could integrate it seamlessly into our own organisation. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with SIG again.
    Markus Hölzlein General Manager Digital Products at Weltbild GmbH