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International update

June 2011
We're proud to announce that SIG is growing around the world. With offices in UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Nordics and USA, we're playing a role across countries, which also comes in handy for our service to international organizations...

There is no shortage of interest and we've noticed that business usually creates its own demand through referral from existing customers.

If you happen to travel in one of these countries, please don't hesitate to visit us, or feel free to forward this newsletter to your international colleagues. Our service offering is similar in each of the countries and our international nature proves to show an additional benefit, that of comparing benchmarks across different countries as well.

We have even seen that, for example, doing a Monitor in various countries' systems, gives the possibility for the Headquarters of an organization to ensure progress in faraway places, or, in return, for the local subsidiaries to work more independently as well.
We'll keep you posted here on a regular basis of our international growth and look forward to serving you in any location.

Floris van den Broek



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