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Student's code clinic expands to Hogeschool Utrecht

June 21, 2011
For the first time the SIG has evaluated the source-code written by bachelor students of the Hogeschool Utrecht. Following last years approach for Delft Technical University, the students receive feedback and recommendations on their code after which they get a chance to make improvements.
After two weeks, the code is re-evaluated and the increase or decrease in the maintainability score is reported back to the students. The initial feedback has now been given and we are looking forward to receiving new and improved versions of the projects in two weeks time. A list of current scores can be found here.

Leo Pruijt, lecturer:
"The students take part in a third year specialization 'Software Architecture & Design' in which they design and develop a tool to check code on violations against some architectural guidelines. The presentation of Eric Bouwers and the service to check the student's code on maintainability suits perfectly in this specialization and adds greatly to the student's concept of software quality".

Joost Visser, Head of Research:
"All software engineering courses include programming assignments. As in professional software development, these assignments tend to focus on realizing certain functionality, while little attention is given to internal quality aspects. We perform these quality evaluation on student code to instill a quality awareness for students to take with them into their professional careers".

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