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Tobias Kuipers member of Program Committee of National Architecture Conference

10 March 2009
Tobias Kuipers has joined the program committee for the “Landelijk Architectuur Congres” (LAC) or National Architecture Conference. This is the premier gathering of IT and Enterprise architects in the Netherlands. The conference has been running for over ten years, and last year managed to draw an 800 people crowd. The two days of the conference are packed with keynotes, relevant industry reports, case studies, and the latest innovations from the academic world.

The program committee, which is chaired by Jan Truijens, is responsible for the quality and the content of the program. We plan to overhaul the format somewhat this year, and make the conference an even more interactive exchange of ideas than it has been over the past ten years.

The conference covers all aspects of “digital architecture” from the enterprise architecture decisions that steer and organize a corporate-wide IT policy, to the decisions made by systems architects when designing and planning individual systems or services. Cross-cutting concerns such as security, risk management and the like also form topics for discussion and debate.

Tobias has performed a thoroughly unscientific poll to sound out the opinions of potential Conference goers. If you have not yet been heard, and you have an opinion on the LAC you would like to share, or have a suggestion for speakers or subjects, please contact Tobias at

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