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SIG now member of PON and VNSG

20 maart 2009
SIG has recently become a member of PON: Platform Outsourcing the Netherlands and VNSG the Association of Dutch SAP Users. Both are very professional networks where our clients and ICT suppliers meet and discuss new technologies, trends and opportunities to increase the added value of ICT in organizations.

In this forum SIG wants to highlight the application of SIG services in outsourcings deals. Our clients outsource for different reasons. Cost reduction is often one reason. Another, more important, reason is that the level of ICT expertise and innovation strength is expected to be higher when ICT is outsourced to a professional ICT supplier. Hence, it is only logical to expect an increase of the technical quality of software. SIG helps their clients measuring the technical quality as off day 1 of the outsourced software. This is not only giving our clients and supplier(s) a baseline measurement ('Where were we when we started? What is the heritage?') but gives our client a deep insight in how the technical quality of outsourced software evolves and the performance of the supplier(s) where the software is outsourced to. This is a powerful tool to manage outsourcing deals and suppliers.

In the Association of Dutch SAP users SIG wants to bring their SAP Monitor to the attention of SAP users. The SAP Monitor gives our SAP clients grip on the technical quality of SAP Custom Developed Code. Of course SAP is a standard software package and most of our clients strive towards a 'no custom developed code' SAP environment. The shock can be rather large when SIG is counting the lines. It is in 80% of the cases, much more than anyone had expected. KWD Result Management is researching the costs of SAP support. One result is that the amount of custom developed code and the technical quality of it are important drivers of SAP support costs. That is, according to SIG, enough reason to monitor SAP developers in any stage of the SAP lifecycle.

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