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ISES and SIG investigate education programme

22 October 2008
On 15 January ISES International and SIG organize a free theme session. During this session the Software Improvement group will give information about their services and the importance of software quality.

In addition to this ING Lease, in the person of CIO Frank Krom, will also highlight the importance and share his experience of checking the quality of software. At the end of the session there will be a panel discussion. The overall objective of the meeting is to investigate if there is a demand for education on assessing software based on source code analysis.
ISES International and SIG invite you to join the theme session on 15 January, which will take place in the Regardz Hotel Zaltbommel. The session begins at 15.00 and lasts until 19.00 hours.
If you want to attend please contact Femke van Velthoven:
T. +31 20 314 0950

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