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Making IT more effective

The Software Improvement Group (SIG) translates detailed technical findings concerning software systems into actionable advice for upper management.
Reduce IT costs
We identify cost drivers and advise our customers on where to make changes in order to optimise cost.
Faster time-to-market for IT solutions
We monitor software projects to prevent delays in delivering software to the business.
Deliver facts, not opinions
We provide advisory services based on accurate measurements and scientific research.

Care Autoschade applies quality awareness to IT

13 October 2014

Care Autoschade has earned the definitive mark of quality awareness - a 4-star Software Product Certificate. The certificate has been awarded for the ‘CareFlow’ system, Care’s own system which fully automates the handling of automotive damage claims

SIG Supports Young Creators Hackathon with Code Coaches

17-18 October 2014

This weekend 100 Young Creators joined the codeweek.nl Hackathon in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The Hackathon concluded a week of software coding events all over Europe. The Dutch events were organised by ECP.nl


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