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Making IT more effective

The Software Improvement Group (SIG) translates detailed technical findings concerning software systems into actionable advice for upper management.
Reduce IT costs
We identify cost drivers and advise our customers on where to make changes in order to optimise cost.
Faster time-to-market for IT solutions
We monitor software projects to prevent delays in delivering software to the business.
Deliver facts, not opinions
We provide advisory services based on accurate measurements and scientific research.

SIG invited to Denmark to explain Dutch method for IT security management

April 17, 2014
On April 23, Kammeradvocaten will host an event for the Danish public sector on the topic of IT Security. The audience will be updated on the latest practices and trends regarding security requirements, contracts and verification. Rob van der Veer, SIG's security practice leader, is one of the keynote speakers.

Software Quality Evaluation: SIG and TÜViT continue to strengthen their strategic cooperation

April 1, 2014
On 25 March, the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and the German company TÜViT signed an agreement to continue strategic cooperation. TÜViT and SIG are already partners in software product certification. The skills of both companies are now being further combined in the area of software quality.


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